• Local Governments

    Cycling is a part of the public health, environmental, and transportation conversation. The Brown Bike Girl brings equity-minded program development, outreach, and project coordination skills to every project.

    • Engage the entire community
    • Get input, feedback, and increase use of new transportation infrastructure
    • Train community leaders and your staff on bike skills, outreach, or cultural competency (See more about Outside Advocate cultural competency training in the section below)
  • Non-Profit Institutions and Community Groups

    Most local non-profits and social service organizations don’t have the budget to add a dedicated staff person just for cycle initiatives. Use The Brown Bike Girl consulting services develop cycling initiatives to get more neighbors cycling.

    • Develop engaging programming in bicycle education, safety, and active lifestyle to meet your goals
    • Incorporate cycling into existing programs in meaningful ways
    • Host and facilitate community meetings around transportation, mobility issues
    • Conduct staff and board training around diversity and equity
  • Individuals

    For individuals seeking guidance in starting a grassroots cycling initiatives in their community of color

    • Online and in-person trainings on effective organizing and marketing to communities of color
    • Downloadable manuals (in development)
    • Stay plugged in to the Brown Bike Girl Blog for training announcements, uploads, and inspiration